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*shrug* it's not that I don't write T&B fic, but it's just that my other fic ideas have me really bogged down (recently I've been suffering from slow progress - WRITER'S BOG) and I really don't want to distract myself anymore.

Plus, I just got hit by ANOTHER idea (probably going to be a oneshot, thank goodness...) so it'll be a while before I have time to try anything else. XD

oh well, here's a scene-ish thingy I wrote for the following prompt: "Let's have a role reversal-type thing. Instead of a tsun Bunny and a hot-blooded veteran Tiger, we have: -a bitter, hedgehog syndrome Kotetsu who is bent on avenging his wife's death (instead of a disease, she was killed) who doesn't trust anyone and has qualms about suddenly being paired up with a young rookie. -a very enthusiastic, hot-blooded Barnaby who is almost like a younger, more eager but much less experienced Sky High, who really wants to not disappoint his senior partner Kotetsu."

my brain will grumble at me if I try a full AU, so I prefer to write what-if oneshots. :3


"What... do you mean?" Kotetsu asked slowly, staring at his partner.

"I - I'm sorry." The blond cast his gaze downwards, refusing to meet the older man's eyes. "I think... that your family may have been targeted by Ouroboros because you saved my parents, all those years ago. Because we were their original targets."

Kotetsu suddenly realised he could not breathe.

"Y-you've forgotten about it already, haven't you?" Barnaby forced a laugh, but it was weak. "I was so glad back then, because you were there and you saved their lives and - and I thought everything was going great, you know? But had I known that my happiness and my family would come at the cost of yours, maybe I wouldn't have wanted you to--"

"Stop it, Bunny. Just - don't go on. Please."

Kotetsu's breathing was short and shallow, and something in his voice shook, for a moment. He took a deep breath, and tried to speak. "A Hero's duty is to protect people, isn't it? I'd almost forgotten about all that... Because I couldn't even save my own family, after all." He turned to stare bleakly out of the huge window, the beautiful lights of Sternbild at night a sharp contrast to his own dimmed eyes.

"It's not your fault, it's Ouroboros'. And no matter what you say, or what I tell myself..." He flicked his firm gaze back towards his partner, face set in grim determination. "I don't regret what I did. I can't. My wife would hit me over the head if I do, anyway."

He saw Kotetsu smile then - a painful, bittersweet smile, but a smile nonetheless.


"So don't apologize for it," the once-King of Heroes growled, for a moment sounding just like his namesake.

Barnaby opened his mouth, then closed it again. "Okay," he muttered, trying to find something to say.

"Okay then," he repeated, raising his chin and looked Kotetsu squarely in the eyes. "But I'll do anything it takes to help you hunt them down, whether you like it or not," he declared. "So that you can find closure. That's... what you want the most, isn't it? Not just revenge, but closure. A way to move on."

And for a moment, Wild Tiger really looked every single one of his thirty-odd years. He looked less like a fierce, jaded veteran Hero and more like Kaburagi Kotetsu, the man who lost everything because he did what was right and lived every day from then on torn between grief, guilt and duty.

"...Yeah," he muttered. "I don't want this to happen to anyone else." He leant against the wide glass pane of Barnaby's living room window, and let himself slide down slowly.

"After all, a Hero's duty is to protect the people."
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